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PDF Dissector 1.7.0 Manual


Find out what PDF Dissector is all about. Get to know the individual components of PDF Dissector and its main features.


See what you need to run PDF Dissector and how to set up PDF Dissector to get the most out of it on your computer.

Using PDF Dissector

Read about all the features of PDF Dissector and how to use them efficiently to analyze malware PDF files.


You can extend PDF Dissector using scripts. This section contains all the information you need for this. It contains guides for writing your own scripts as well as a complete reference of the PDF Dissector API that can be accessed from custom scripts and plugins.


This section gives you a hands-on introduction to reverse engineering with PDF Dissector. You will learn how to use important features of PDF Dissector like projects and debugging.


Information about PDF Dissector, its license, and the licensing information of third-party software used by PDF Dissector.