The Company
Analyzing complex software systems for which no source code is available has never been more important than today: From analyzing the growing flood of complex malware over re-engineering of legacy systems to the analysis of commercial software for security properties, the reverse engineering community was never busier than today.

Many programs are too complex to be fully understood by one person even if the source code is available. It is thus clear that fully understanding such programs is a very complex and difficult task.

We provide solutions that aim at helping the software analyst to understand the complex relations that exist in modern software and to boost his productivity. We understand that the key to many problems in software analysis is proper visualization, and aim to build tools that make software analysis intuitive and easy (or at least easier).
Thomas Dullien/Halvar Flake
Thomas Dullien Head of Research Halvar has been working on topics related to reverse engineering (and vulnerability research) for the last 9 years. He has repeatedly presented innovative research in the realm of reverse engineering and code analysis at various renowned security conferences (RSA, Blackhat Briefings, CanSecWest, SSTIC, DIMVA).

Aside from his research activity, he has taught classes on code analysis, reverse engineering and vulnerability research to employees of various government organizations and large software vendors.

Halvar founded zynamics in 2004 in order to further research into automation of reverse engineering and code analysis.
Ero Carrera Ventura
Ero Carrera Ventura Reverse Engineering Automation Research After several years at F-Secure as an AV researcher and some groundbreaking publications on automatic clustering (and family tree generation) of malware he joined zynamics to pursue further research on automation of reverse engineering tasks.

His primary interests range from discrete mathematics through information theory to phylogenetics.
Sören Meyer-Eppler
Sören Meyer-Eppler Developer Sören has been working as a professional software developer for more than seven years - recently as a freelancer. At zynamics, he was the lead developer for the first version of zynamics BinNavi. Although zynamics BinNavi is a Java application, his primary passion still lies with C++.

Sören is currently busy performing various bits and pieces of C++ akimbo on zynamics' graph algorithms and database structures. He could offer a very buzzword compliant list of technologies and programming languages he has used in his career but the acronym letter soup would probably bore any sane person to death (unless you are a recruiter groping for victims), so he'll spare you.
Tim Kornau
Tim Kornau Developer & Reverse EngineerTim recently finished his diploma in IT-Security working on a plug-in with the focus on return-oriented programming, for zynamics BinNavi. He now primarily works on BinNavi and its various parts.
Christian Blichmann
Christian Blichmann Developer & Maintenance VxClass Christian joined our team after having done his diploma on generating signatures for malware families. His core tasks are the development of our VxClass product, maintaing our internal infrastructure and the VxClass customer support.
Jan Newger
Developer & Reverse Engineer Jan recently joined our team to work with Tim on BinNavi.