Corporate Responsibility
zynamics feels responsible to support important projects. We show our commitment by donating. Among others we support the OpenSSH project.

OpenSSH is a free SSH/SecSH protocol suite providing encryption for network services like remote login or remote file transfer. We technical users of the Internet rely on this tool. OpenSSH encrypts all traffic (including passwords) to effectively eliminate eavesdropping, connection hijacking, and other attacks. Additionally, OpenSSH provides secure tunneling capabilities and several authentication methods, and supports all SSH protocol versions.

OpenSSH is developed by the OpenBSD Project. The software is developed in countries that permit cryptography export and is freely useable and re-useable by everyone under a BSD license. The OpenSSH source code is available free to everyone via the Internet. This encourages code reuse and code auditing. Code review ensures the bugs can be found and corrected by anyone. This results in secure code. The free contribution allows it to become the standard protocol.
However, development has costs, therefore the OpenSSH project relies on donations. zynamics thinks that particularly those who use it for commercial products should contribute.
zynamics sees its particular responsibility in doing „Nachwuchsförderung“. We are promoting young teams of reverse engineers, computer cracks and computer science students such as the Labor e.V., located in Bochum. Under the motto ‚Who tinkers is right’, they develop free software, solder, etch, program microcontrollers and build antennas in their own laboratory. We provide them with workshops and financial support.