zynamics is a leading provider of cutting-edge program analysis tools. Specifically focusing on the needs of the reverse engineering community in both information security and malware analysis, zynamics' goal is creating innovative methods for improving the productivity of the software analyst.

zynamics BinDiff uses a unique graph-theoretical approach to compare executables
by identifying identical and similar functions

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Current version:

Filename Size SHA256
bindiff_4.3.0_amd64.deb 24.8M 98776bd9a61a29e4c8518b0ff0ae0a66518ab7c759aead5e3fcf2e6d3bcd1987
BinDiff4.3.dmg 29.7M dd8f0df59b71d1cbc5661ac732c483883a43af43ec78a0b9293e745e23a59f84
bindiff430.msi 28.6M e1915c18026d5a7288cca0c1ff71840bdb473b97c2235862a1241cda231791da

Previous version:

Filename Size SHA1 5.8M e2b786d405aac23aced989e02080dd69c18ab75e 990 95715a8bd7469106fc60b03f94f3cc87604e354c

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zynamics BinNavi is the leading open source binary code reverse engineering tool
based on graph visualization

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The code is available on GitHub.