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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is required to run BinNavi?

BinNavi should work on every platform that can execute Java 6 applications.

What platforms does BinNavi support?

BinNavi officially supports code analysis of binary code from the following platforms:

What platforms can be debugged with BinNavi?

So far BinNavi was successfully used to debug the following target applications:


The assembly code is not layouted properly. What can I do?

This issue indicates that BinNavi did not manage to load a monospaced font. By default the font Courier New is loaded. If Courier New can not be found on the system a default monospaced font is loaded. On some systems there is no default monospaced font and a monospaced font must be installed manually.

After the installation of the monospaced font you have to tell Java to use the monospaced font. This can be done in the font properties file of your Java Runtime Environment. For more information about font properties files please see . The change to the font properties file is not necessary if you simply install the Courier New from Windows on your system.