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BinNavi 5.0.0 Manual


Find out what BinNavi is all about. Get to know the individual components of BinNavi and its main features. Read through use case stories that describe how our customers are already using BinNavi.


See how to set up BinNavi to get the most out of it on your computer. Learn which third-party software packages are required and which are optional and how to configure BinNavi and the third-party software packages for maximum performance.

Updating BinNavi

If you have used earlier versions of BinNavi you are probably interested in upgrading your existing BinNavi databases. Learn about upgrading here.

Importing Data

Learn how to import disassembly data from IDA Pro. This is important because BinNavi does not have its own disassembler.

Using BinNavi

Read about all the features of BinNavi and how to use them. The individual windows are described as well as how to use the features you can find there.

Scripting and Plugins

You can extend BinNavi using scripts and plugins. This section contains all the information you need for this. It contains guides for writing your own scripts and plugins as well as a complete reference of the BinNavi API that can be accessed from custom scripts and plugins.


If you want to analyze assembly code automatically you should look into REIL, our Reverse Engineering Intermediate Language. You can use REIL in your plugins and scripts to write platform-independent analysis algorithms.


This section gives you a hands-on introduction to reverse engineering with BinNavi. You will learn how to use important features of BinNavi like projects and debugging.

The BinNavi Database Format

In this section, the BinNavi database format is explained. This is useful if you want to implement your own ways to import data from external disassemblers or if you want to directly access the database (for example in complex plugins).


This section contains answers to frequently asked questions as well as solutions to problems that can appear during the normal use of BinNavi.


Information about BinNavi, its license, and the licensing information of third-party software used by BinNavi.