KB0003: Modifying Java VM's reserved memory

In cases where BinDiff can't be launched because the Java VM reserves too much memory, the reserved memory can be set manually to a smaller value. This is also useful if more reserved memory is needed for the Java VM to load huge graphs.

The VM's reserved memory size can be modified by editing the 'BinDiff-x.xdbg.cmd' file which can be found in the 'bin' folder of the BinDiff installation. There is a line like 'java -cp !JARS! -Xms128m -Xmx1024m BinDiff.CMain', where the default value '-Xmx1024m' reserves 1024MB memory for the VM. Just set the size to a proper value. Note that BinDiff has to be launched via this cmd file in order to use the modified VM settings.