KB0004: Importing an IDB file into the database via the command line

You can use the BinExporter plugin directly via the command line interface, for instance if you want to export a large number of IDB files at once without using the BinDiff or BinNavi GUI, respectively. The following command line statement exports the IDB file from 'C:\myapp\testapp.idb' into the MySQL database 'new_database' which is accessible via 'root@localhost' with the password 'letmein'.

"%IDA-dir\idag.exe" -A -OExporterType:mysql -OExporterHost:localhost -OExporterUser:root -OExporterPassword:letmein -OExporterModule:new_database -S%BinNavi-dir%\exporters\BinExport\binexport.idc C:\myapp\testapp.idb

Note that, %IDA-dir% as well as %BinNavi-dir% have to be replaced by their respective absolute paths in the filesystem.